The doings of American philologasters are, in truth, a curious study.

Progress Report 1

As of today, August 24, 2012, I have personally translated pp. 1-29, 143-63, and 202-208 – 57 manuscript pages out of a total of 277. That is not quite the number that I had hoped to reach by the end of nearly two years, but it is at least a good start, and thankfully I am not responsible for the whole manuscript.

It is, at least, some small solace that I have also finished some other important tasks, which were necessary preliminaries to what I am hoping to accomplish with this project. Chief among these are the training of SIL FieldWorks (and, earlier, SIL Toolbox) to parse transliterated Mandaic texts, the transliteration of all the aforementioned 277 manuscript pages of Lidzbarski’s edition of the Draša ḏ-Iahia into the Latin script, and of course the electronic Mandaic lexicon used by SIL FieldWorks to parse the text, which now contains nearly 1500 lexemes. It is my hope that the rest of the work will progress more rapidly and smoothly now that I have established it upon a solid foundation.


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