The doings of American philologasters are, in truth, a curious study.

Progress Report 4

The ninth buta of the Doctrine of John has finally been completed and posted to the project website.

This consists of the text running from ln. 6, p. 32 to ln. 12, p. 37, and is one of the longer chapters that I’ve posted.  It’s remarkable for its use of the periphrastic perfect (mentioned in an earlier post below), but in other respects resembles the preceding few chapters, involving the same characters (Yoshamin, his son N’ṣab, the Great Life, and Knowledge-of-Life).

The chapter begins with one of Yoshamin’s laments, which earns him some sharp words from Knowledge-of-Life.  Yoshamin rebukes Knowledge-of-Life, which delights the Great Life (for reasons that are left to the imagination).  The Great Life dispatches Yoshamin’s son N’ṣab to calm Yoshamin down and promise him that he will be restored.


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