The doings of American philologasters are, in truth, a curious study.

Mandaic Aphorisms

On p. 38, lns. 10-12, we encounter a nugget of wisdom from Yoshamin:

haidin uhaidin timiṭiẖ lkul gabra ḏriṭna ḏanania šama

In such and such a manner it happens to every man  ‎‎that listens to the muttering of women.

eutra ḏšama riṭnaiun ḏanania mištpil minẖ mn alma

The aeon who listens to the mutterings of women will be cast down from the (MS C: his) world.

He appears to be blaming his troubles on his wives. Of course, that might explain why later (p. 39 lns. 3-4) he says,

baiina lzauai uzauai bainai lanapla

I seek out my wives, and my wives do not meet my glance.

and then (p. 40, lns. 1-2),

ala kulhun niṭubiata ḏhualia ldilia kulhin he kulhin rgazian elai brugza rba

Woe to me, all of the consorts that I had, all of them, yes all of them are greatly enraged with me!

I can’t really say that I’m surprised.


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